Natural Wine Cases

Having a selection of different wines at your disposal offers freedom and diversity, so
why not pick up a natural wine case? Although all of our special natural wine cases feature a mixture of bottles, they all have one thing in common: they taste

At Renegade Natural Wines, we carefully choose independent winemakers and look
for organic and biodynamic wines for our natural wine cases. In addition, we also strive to ensure all of our natural wine cases have made minimal impact on the environment. Tantalise your tastebuds by picking one of our natural wine cases below.

Why Choose Natural Wine Cases

Perhaps you’ve heard of natural wine, but aren’t sure where to start. Start your organic wine journey with our carefully selected cases to get you going!

Perhaps you’re a natural wine lover and want a change from having to pick your
own. Our natural wines cases are a quick and easy alternative to get your natural wine fix without having to hum and haw over your choices. Additionally, each of our natural wine cases has been carefully selected to help contrast one another so that you have a satisfactory and varied selection at your disposal. Our natural wine cases come in a variety of sizes, including duo packs, triple packs, and family packs.

What makes Renegade Natural Wines different?

At Renegade Natural Wines, we are seasoned natural wine professionals. We personally handpick all our wines for our natural wine mixed cases directly from independent winemakers focusing on organic wine.

If you love a particular bottle from your natural wine case, you can simply re-order the individual wine bottle from our online shop.