About us

Natural Wines: Our beginning

The journey to launching Renegade Natural Wines started one sunny afternoon in March. Wandering the streets of Venice, we stumbled (literally) upon a row of Natural Wine bars on the Fondamenta dei Ormesini. As one glass of Col Fondo flowed into another glass of Orange, the spark was ignited. A desire to learn (and drink) more was born.  

With Veneto being a home away from home for us, we dived headfirst into tasting hundreds of bottles (hard work – honestly!). Some choices picked themselves, like La Biancara’s Garg’N’Go, a peachy and lively bottle of bubbles. Others that came highly recommended (a certain unnamed Beaujolais) simply didn’t make our stringent tasting criteria – Did we like it and would we buy it again?! 

We founded Renegade Natural Wines to share our passion with you. Whether you know the difference between Malolactic and Carbonic Fermentation or not, we’ve done the hard part to bring you the wines we love without any of the wino-nonsense.

Bristol Wines

We're proud of our South-West roots here in Bristol. The independent, renegade spirit feeds this city. Keep your eyes peeled for us at events around the city soon

line of natural wines on wall by harbour